Posted Feb 15
Professional Mortgage Alliance, LLC

Reverse Loan Officer/Certified Instructor

Florida, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Texas & Connecticut Full Time

The reverse mortgage world has changed. Most loan officers have not… Have you?

If the words “low hanging fruit” or “Realtors don’t want to learn about the HECM for Purchase” or “most financial planners don’t want to even talk to me” or “the average loan officer only closes one mortgage per month” is part of your vocabulary then please do not apply.

We DON’T provide leads. We provide a model that takes work and effort, which will create a referral base of continuous business.

We assist you in becoming a Certified Instructor in your particular state under the umbrella of one of the largest education platforms in the reverse mortgage space. Which is our sister company, The American C.E. Institute, LLC. (This gives you credibility beyond your competitors)

You will be certified to teach classes to licensed real estate agents, Certified Financial Planners, Attorneys and many other senior trusted advisors.

You will have marketing material for the above mentioned groups that is second to none in the marketplace.

You will be supplied with your own website that will include a traditional reverse calculator, a purchase calculator and custom videos that BRAND YOU as the expert in your marketplace.

(Our passion is Reverse but we feel very strongly a forward loan officer should not have to "give up" any of their present income in order to join the reverse industry. This is why we also offer traditional/forward Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and FHA loans, This is another huge advantage over our competition.)

If you feel you can deliver the message in the video below, we would love to speak with you...

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